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February 28, 2022 3 min read

Exercise is essential to keep you healthy and energetic when it comes to your muscles, bones, and joints. Yoga is a fairly easy, low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints. It can be adjusted to fit anyone’s unique circumstances, and the level of intensity is based on what type of Yoga you choose.

Exercise is Good for Joints.

There is no good evidence that exercise is bad for joint health when high impact motions are excluded. Especially true if you are not bothered by the exercise you’re already doing.

If you are still concerned, lower impact exercise including swimming and bike riding are a good way to stay active and remember to then rest and recover.

What about Yoga?

Many people who want to maintain joint health decide that Yoga is the exercise for them. Below is a description of how Yoga helps various parts of your body:

Bones:There are many weight-bearing poses in Yoga in which tension is applied to your muscles and bones. Over time this type of exercise will help strengthen your bones and supports bone density.

Plus, weight-bearing exercises help to reduce the risk of fractures because it improves muscle strength and balance. This, in turn, helps to prevent falls. In addition, many people who want to maintain joint health discover that Yoga is good for function and flexibility.

Muscles:A large number of your muscles will be involved in the poses and postures of Yoga. When you work to hold and balance these poses, then the muscles surrounding your joints are strengthened.

Since the stronger muscles support your body, they also support joint comfort. A lot of the poses will stretch and strengthen your muscles. These muscles will protect your joints which lowers the risk of injury.

Joints:Joints and joint wellness are aided by healthy bones and strong muscles. When your bones and muscles are strong, it helps support your overall skeleton and that includes joint comfort.

When your whole joint becomes stronger, a broad range of motion and flexibility is supported and comfortable. Plus, your stability is helped. When you stay active, it keeps the cartilage in your joints healthy.  

Where to Start?

When searching for an introductory yoga class that will support your joint health, look for a precise, gentle form of practice. Unforced mild movements are the best way to help start the process. Don’t overstretch or strain.

Beginners will want to avoid vigorous, fast-paced classes like Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Bikram, and Ashtanga. With these classes, muscle and joint strain may be aggravating. Whatever type of Yoga you choose, make sure the teacher is experienced to help modify your poses when needed. Hatha, lyengar, or Viniyoga classes are suitable classes for beginners looking to gently increase their joint movement and flexibility.

Taking Yoga is a practical, gentle, and safe way to get moving and increase your flexibility, strength, and mobility.


How Can Supplements Help?

Supplements offer a great way to support joint health and provide essential nutrients after vigorous exercise. You want to look for supplements that support comfort, mobility and flexibility for best results. It’s best if you can validate the ingredients in the product and that they are made in a certified GMP facility.

Another thing to look for is any clinical data that supports your joint health goals.

Lastly, you want to look for dosage. You want to make sure that each dose will support the benefits being reported on the label. If the dosage is different, we would suggest you find another supplier that does offer a clinically tested dosage.

At AloeCure, we produced VeraFlex® to help support joint health and wellness. It is a multi-action supplement that is made from unique, plant-based isolates clinically shown to support comfort, mobility, and flexibility. And unlike most supplements, this one is small and is fused with Aloe, grown on our own organic plantations, so you know it will support stomach health and aid in the uptake of our proprietary natural ingredients.

If you are interested in joint health, trying Yoga for a low-impact exercise regimen is a good choice. Using supplements from AloeCure will support your joint health and wellness goals. The combination of the supplements and Yoga are a powerful mix for sustained joint health. Downward dog on.


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