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March 07, 2022 3 min read

You may want to start exercising right away – after all time is limited. But it is an under appreciated essential to warm up your muscles and prepare your body prior to exercise. For example, suppose you begin any exercise routine with cold muscles. It isn’t just getting the “blood flowing”, you are actually more likely to cause an injury and aggravate your joints.

Benefits of Warming Up

When you warm up, it prepares you mentally for the exercise routine. Plus, it helps to dilate your blood vessels, supplies your muscles with needed oxygen, and increases your heart rate.

When your muscles are warmed up, you really do become more flexible. This extra flexibility can help to prevent undue strain on your joints, tendons, and ligaments. It also allows your heart rate to gradually accelerate and prepare for the additional stress on your cardiovascular system.

Warming up helps you to get the most out of your workout. It’s critical to prevent injury to joints and helps to reach your ideal range of motion. In addition, the warmup is vital for better post-recovery after exercise. Warming up actually helps decrease the soreness and stiffness that show up after a good workout.

What Happens to Your Body When You Warm Up?

When you do a warmup before you start to exercise, here are the actual mechanisms and changes that happens to your body:

Your blood temperature rises:The temperature of your blood increases when it travels through your muscles. When your blood temperature goes up, the binding of your oxygen to hemoglobin weakens. This makes oxygen more available to your working muscles, which can improve your endurance.

Your blood vessels dilate:When your blood vessels dilate, it increases your blood flow and puts less stress on your heart.

Changes in your hormones occur:During a warmup, your body increases the production of different hormones. This balance of hormones makes many more fatty acids and carbohydrates ready for the production of energy.

Your muscle temperature increases:When your muscles are warm, they will contract and release more quickly. This will reduce the possibility of overstretching a muscle and causing an injury.

Your range of motion increases: When you do a warmup, it lets your larger joints reach their maximum movement potential.

How to Warm Up

Your warmup exercises should range from 10 minutes to a half-hour. The longer your exercise program is, the longer the warmup should be. When you do this, it provides lots of time for a gradual increase in physical activity. Also, it will increase your respiration rate, and your muscles will have a higher internal temperature.

To increase your heart rate:A warmup for most activities can include slowly jogging for 10-20 minutes before the next exercise.

Stretching:To prevent injury to your muscles and joints, stretching is critical. When your muscles are warmed up and your heart rate increases, you can do some side bends and roll out your wrist, shoulders, and ankles. You can do forward bends as well. Hold your stretches for about only 10-15 seconds, it should not be painful, and stop when it starts to hurt.

Challenge your muscles:To challenge your muscles, you can include some easy light strengthening activities. These could consist of lunges, pull-ups, push-ups, or light squats. If you're weight training, then include some low-weight repetitions.


How Can Supplements Help?

Supplements offer a great way to support joint health and provide essential nutrients after vigorous exercise. You want to look for supplements that support comfort, mobility and flexibility for best results. It’s best if you can validate the ingredients in the product and that they are made in a certified GMP facility.

Another thing to look for is any clinical data that supports your joint health goals.

Lastly, you want to look for dosage. You want to make sure that each dose will support the benefits being reported on the label. If the dosage is different, we would suggest you find another supplier that does offer a clinically tested dosage.

At AloeCure, we produced VeraFlex® to help support joint health and wellness. It is a multi-action supplement that is made from unique, plant-based isolates clinically shown to support comfort, mobility, and flexibility. And unlike most supplements, this one is small and is fused with Aloe, grown on our own organic plantations, so you know it will support stomach health and aid in the uptake of our proprietary natural ingredients.

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