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April 15, 2022 4 min read

Supplements To Carry While Traveling

Travelling can take a toll on your body. Headaches, dehydration, digestive and sleep disruptions are all par for the course when it comes to travel. Plus, different types of traveling can bring up a different set of issues. So, making sure you pack the right supplements to support keeping you at your best while traveling is essential.

How Travel Affects Your Body

Although traveling is enjoyable, it can also be stressful for your body. For example, you could be switching time zones, having to stand in long lines, getting exposed to new microbes and even worrying about losing your luggage. In addition, your daily routine is most likely being disrupted and you may not be eating correctly or even eating new foods, which can wreak havoc on your body.

Plus, if you're squashed into a tiny seat and can't move much, you could end up stiff and certainly irritated at the other end of your travels and headaches and sinus congestion are all common due to the differences in air pressure and quality. So, all this and more can cause you to feel out of sorts. AloeCure supplements can help you maintain your daily wellness routine when on the move.

What is Jet Lag?

When you travel in an airplane and change time zones, you may be prone to jet lag. First, this is because being in a plane for an extended length of time can dry out your skin and drain your energy. Second, it's because the temperature, pressure, and oxygen levels fluctuate. Plus, the humidity is lower than it is at sea level. Needless to say, changing time zones is hard on your circadian rhythm

Because of the extremely low humidity levels in the airplane cabin, your skin, nose, and throat may begin to feel dry. To try to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and pack a saline nasal spray to keep your nose moist.

If you’re having trouble sleeping because of time changes MELATONIN + COLLAGEN BEAUTY SLEEP can help to support your body’s natural melatonin production. This product helps supports hair, skin, and joint health and comes in an easy to pack capsule form. Plus, it can help with jet lag by letting your drift off to sleep.

What is Travel Fatigue?

Even if you’re traveling for a fun vacation, you can feel exhausted before you even arrive at your destination. Unfortunately, travel fatigue can be caused by trains, boats, planes, or just taking a road trip. This type of exhaustion can burn you out and drain your energy. Furthermore, if you are like us and tend to get really excited before going on vacation or are nervous traveler, you probably aren’t sleeping best before traveling.

When you take a road trip, the vehicle you’re in accelerates and decelerates continuously. Plus, your body is swaying from one side to the other side because of turns, which causes bodily stress. Because you're constantly anticipating what movement will happen next, your muscles can become tense and overworked. While VeraFlex Healthy Joint Support can’t alleviate all of those issues, it can help to maintain and support your joint health and wellness.

 When you fly, besides keeping hydrated, you need to work to help maintain your digestive wellness. Why? Because your body has to work harder to keep blood circulating and is constantly being exposed environmental factors and sensations that you aren’t familiar with. As a result, your body reroutes resources that are generally used for digestion which can cause bloating and gas. We recommend our PROBIOTIC + ENZYME BLEND, which is loaded with pre- and pro-biotics, as well as enzymes to help support your gut health 24/7.

 Then, unfortunately and all too frequently after all the traveling you may have trouble falling asleep once you arrive at your destination. Even if it’s the middle of the day where you’re arriving, listen to your body. If you need to take a nap, then take a nap to recuperate.  AloeCure’s MELATONIN + COLLAGEN BEAUTY SLEEP can help ease you into a restful sleep so you can have fun doing all the things you went on vacation in the first place to do.

One thing that is all too common and something we know we are guilty of as well is excessive eating and drinking more alcohol than you usually do when on vacation. We get it. However hard, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least recommend taking it easy and showing some restraint and moderation if at all possible. Most of all, remember to keep hydrated and take the time to enjoy the area where you are visiting.

Supplements are a great way to maintain part of your normal routine when travelling and also to support your health and wellness. Be sure to pack AloeCure in your suitcase or travel bag for easy access and make them a part of your adventure.

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